Warn ATV Snow Plow Review 0

By Doug Meyer.

Warn may be as well-known for their ATV snow plows as they are for their excellent line of winches. To equip your ATV for plowing, Warn offers several options for equipping your ATV to plow the entire neighborhood’s snowfall.

To put a plow on your ATV or UTV, you’ll need to make a few decisions. First is the mounting system. Do you want the plow to be a front-mounted system or a center-mounted system? The next choice to make is the blade itself. There are straight profile blades and the tapered profile blades. There is also a choice of widths – 54-inch or 60-inch. Then Warn has three options to lift the plow. You can use the winch on your ATV (assuming you have one), the Warn electric plow lift, or a manual plow lift. And finally, there are two options for adjusting the blade’s attack angle – the standard manual latch system or an electric rotator.

We chose the center-mount system for our snow removal ATV. The disadvantage to the center-mount system is that it requires you to reach or crawl under the ATV to attach the plow for use, and the mount hangs below the ATV, lowering its ground clearance. With the center-mount system you may want, or need, to remove the mount for extreme trail use. The advantage is a much more stout system that’s able to push more snow at all angles. The center-mount’s strength was part of our decision to use the large 54” tapered blade. This blade has a more curved profile for pushing more snow, as well as a tapered surface on the side.

Our choice of lifting the plow was the Warn XT30 winch. This way, when we are not plowing snow in the winter or manure in the summer, we have a winch for rescuing our stuck buddies or yanking downed trees off the trail. Then we added the electric winch rotator so that we could more easily and quickly clear snow in multiple directions. With the electric rotator you can change the angle of the blade from the seat of the ATV with just a flick of the switch!

The mounting system goes together well, assuming you read through the instructions first and then follow the directions. The electrical connections will require a bit of pre-thought for the clean placement, and running the wires so they don’t rub on any moving (or hot) parts of the ATV.

Once installed, we found the 54” tapered plow moved an amazing amount of snow. Just be sure you have the power and the traction to push it all. Being mounted to a big ATV with plenty of traction, we were very glad we chose the stronger, center-mounting system, as more often than not, bystanders were left awestruck at the amount of snow this thing moved and the speed at which it moved it.

We definitely suggest spending the few extra bucks for the electric actuator rather than the manual lift system. And better yet, spend the money for one of Warn’s incredible winches and have the best of both worlds – a great plow lift system and a winch to get you out of big trouble when needed.

We also suggest that you always wearing a full-face helmet when plowing the neighbor’s snow, otherwise they’ll see the big smile on your face and realize how much fun you are having! After all, you don’t want them to get their own plow system and keep some of this fun for themselves.

Manufacturer: Warn Industries
Contact: www.warn.com/atv/winches/line.shtml


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