Sedona Buzz Saw Tires & Spyder Wheels Review 0

I was unimpressed with the stock set of tires on the 2011 Polaris RZR XP side-by-side. They were mediocre in the sand and crappy on intermediate dirt with a rough and vague feel, so I immediately started looking elsewhere for a replacement. Sedona wheels and tires offer several options for dirt bikes, ATVs and UTVs, so we started perusing its website. Sedona offer wheel/tire kits which is very convenient for someone looking at new rims as well. I was bummed that the RZR XP didn’t come with cool black wheels, so this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade the looks and performance at the same time.

The Sedona Buzz Saw Kit (from $207 per wheel) pairs the Buzz Saw tires with awesome blacked-out Spyder aluminum wheels. The tires are available in 25 or 26-inch sizes and the wheels are 12 or 14 inches. We opted for 26-inch meats on 12-inch rims and as a kit they come pre-mounted and ready to install. This is another good reason to spring for the package deal if you’re on the fence about ordering new rims. There’s no need to visit the local shop and pay to have the old treads removed and new Sedonas put on.

In 2WD the RZR spins rear tires and uses the rear end to help steer. We expected to see high wear as a result of all the spinning but they’ve hardly worn at all. Without forward-directional treads the Buzz Saws are more slide-prone. Drivers who like drifting will enjoy this tire. I was interested to see how long the Buzz Saw would last since Sedona claims it’s a similar rubber compound as what’s found on high-speed radial truck tires.

When it comes to stock UTVs, there’s nothing that can punish tires like the XP 900. Polaris’ ProStar engine cranks out race-ready power and the chassis is built to haul ass through nasty terrain. Not only did the Sedona’s manage to keep up, but they were a good match for the AWD vehicle. They are showing less wear than the stock tires did with a fraction of the mileage.

Radial six-ply construction proved tough enough for high-speed pounding over sharp rocks as well as low-pressure abuse in the sand. We were able to air down the Sedonas without having it come off the bead despite the hard power delivery of the RZR. The tread pattern works in all situations, including sand where the 7/8th-inch tread depth grabs enough traction without burying. The Buzz Saws glide over choppy dune conditions or on hardpack dirt and gravel.

Those who can drive two-footed will help avoid pushing the front end and the Buzz Saws impressed us most during hard, straight-line braking. It does sacrifice some straight-line stability in wet conditions. Block spacing is close enough for a comfortable ride and still does a good job of self-cleaning.

The Spyder wheels are aluminum with a black finish that resists scratching. We intentionally drug them through abrasive ruts and there isn’t any marring that we can see. We drug the Can-Am Outlander 1000 XT through the same ruts and the black accents on its wheels were absolutely haggard. The Buzz Saw tires have side lugs that help keep the wheels out of harm’s way. An eight-spoke design is beefy but offers clean lines, and the wheels come with center caps installed. Pairs of stainless-steel Alan-head bolts serve as shiny accents. We finally managed to break a small chunk out of the inner front bead, but it took a crash hard enough to require an entirely new frame for the RZR – these hoops are definitely tough.

We logged eight months of mud-slinging, sand-blasting, road-sliding use on the Buzz Saw kit and have nothing bad to report. Even though they drive a bit loose, overall I prefer the tires over the stock treads, and the wheels are super strong. Durability is incredible, they’re priced competitively and the upgrade in looks is a major plus. I won’t hesitate to try out more Sedona tires and wheels in the future.

The Sedona Buzz Saw RT Radial Rear Tire (from $130) and Sedona Buzz Saw RT Radial Front Tire (from $108) are available at Motorcycle-Superstore. The Sedona Spyder Aluminum Front Wheel and Sedona Spyder Aluminum Rear Wheel are also available and sold individually for $94.95 each.


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