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Side-by-sides are some the hottest rides in powersports these days and customizing them is a high priority for owners. One reason UTVs are so great is for their utility – they’re excellent recreational toys and make getting chores done a lot easier. QuadBoss makes a host of products that increase the functionality of these four-wheeled beasts, so we ordered several items from the catalog to see if we could make our fleet of UTVs even better.

QuadBoss UTV Roll Cage Organizer – $59.99   quadboss-utv-organizer
This universal roll cage organizer can be placed in multiple areas thanks to its adjustable attachment straps that use hook-and-loop and Ladder-lock buckle closures. Originally we wanted to put it on our Teryx4 because the four-seat Kawasaki has a very small cargo bed. However, we couldn’t get it mounted on our Teryx4 stock cage due to the bar spacing. It works fine on the standard Teryx, however, so we mounted it on the inside where the aluminum roof protects it from the elements. It also doesn’t interfere with the cargo net from this position. We tried it on our Polaris RZR XP 900 as well and it fit easily.

The organizer is made from 600 denier polyester and is water repellent and UV resistant. The black version costs $50 and the Realtree AP camo is $60. A padded rear section keeps it from smacking against the cage to protect the contents inside any of the nine pockets. The outside edges are easy-access pockets which are next to zippered sections. The center portion has larger pouches with fold-over tops. This has been great for storing tools around the farm and also for items such as radios, phones, cameras and binoculars when out roaming around. The abundance of pockets allow it to carry a nice amount of gear while remaining low-profile and it doesn’t bother the driver or passenger by flopping around.


Quadboss-Teryx-Center-ConsoQuadBoss Teryx Center Console – $114.99
The Teryx only has a single glove box which leaves plenty of small items rattling around on floorboards and in the bed. Unlike the universal roll-cage organizer, the Teryx Center Console is designed specifically for the Kawasaki model. QB distributes the console, but the plastic piece bears the Kolpin logo, indicating its actual manufacturer. It drops into place over a small hump on that separates the driver and passenger foot compartments. A pair of small screws holds it in place but the fit is snug enough that we never even fastened it down. Aggressive riding over rough terrain will cause it to move a bit. The console is fairly bulky, but neither driver nor passenger had any problem with the console impeding foot movement. Opening the flip-up lid reveals disappointingly minimal storage. Designers weren’t able to build the compartment any deeper without the lid becoming unusable. It already contacts the bottom of the dash area. Considering the actual storage you get, it would be nice if the console cost a little less, however, any extra space is better than none. The two cup holders are great for a set of bottled water.


quad-boss-grab-handleQuadBoss UTV Grab Handle – $19.95
Ingress and egress is a concern for all SxS machines. Those with bucket seats are typically more difficult to get in and out of than models with bench seats. A 20-dollar bill will get a pair of universal QuadBoss UTV grab handles that fasten anywhere on the roll cage using hook-and-loop straps. The handle is made from reinforced nylon cord and wrapped with a rubber grip that is molded in a comfortable bend. These have been very weather resistant and can slip between the cage and windshield. The would also fint beneath plastic or soft-top cab covers. We needed just one on the Teryx and strapped the other to our RZR. An additional upside is that these handles could be used for any number of applications outside of UTVs.



Quadboss-2-Swivel-Ratchet-QuadBoss 2” Swivel Ratchet Tie-Downs – $49.95
Hauling a UTV on a trailer or pickup can be daunting. We haul ours back and forth to the trails and dunes on a regular basis, and we’re always paranoid about getting them there safely. The sheer weight of these vehicles makes them a formidable load, so strapping them securely is extra critical. Ratcheting tie-downs are the way to go, and QuadBoss offers a couple options. The two-inch straps are less susceptible to failure than a smaller, lighter motorcycle or ATV strap. They have a 2400-pound straight tension strength. The bottom clasp is a swivel carabiner hook. This allows for the straps to be straightened even after hooking up and applying tension. Carabiners add an extra level of security over regular hooks because they won’t come off of a mounting point of the UTV sways or the suspension compresses and unweights the strap. The same goes for the top which is a traditional hook with a spring-loaded retainer clip.

Ratcheting action is solid. We haven’t had any problems with slipping or binding and the mechanism itself is holding up without signs of wear. Sold in pairs for $50, we grabbed two sets. It’s a good investment for anyone who transports their rig regularly, and the straps have a white label patch that helps keep your buddies from stealing them.

All of these products and other QuadBoss Accessories are available at Motorcycle-Superstore.com.

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