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KLIM, a company known for making apparel that focuses on the utmost in durability, recently sent us a couple of its newest items for review. We were extremely excited to try out the proven Mojave-line of gear and F4 helmet at the recent Kawasaki Teryx4 press intro, and we found that these items were built for everything that Mother Nature throws at you.

Working our way down from head to toe, we’ll start with KLIM’s F4 helmet, which, in and of itself, is a departure from the norm when compared to other off-road helmets. I say this because the F4 has some of the best venting I have ever seen on a helmet. It includes three full-radius vents along the outer portion of the helmet. These vents not only provide abundant amounts of cool air to the rider’s head, but they also provide a nice point for your goggles to stick for long rides. They also seem like they would provide more ways to protection in the unfortunate event of a crash, but we have no data to back that claim up.

Overall, the F4 includes enough padding on the inside to keep it comfortable all day long. This KLIM helmet also includes removable padding on the inside that can be washed. Another feature we enjoyed was the nose and face cover that is built into the front of the helmet. This ensured the cold air and rainy conditions we experienced didn’t hit us forcefully in the face. In fact, it sealed up the opening so well that my nose stayed warm throughout the entire ride. The only downside to having this protection is that less air passes through this area, so your goggles are more likely to fog up. Overall, the F4 is a great off-road helmet that is comfortable on long days and built with the upmost in protection.

Moving on down the line, we found the Mojave jersey and gloves are built for the ultimate in comfort and durability in all kinds of terrain and weather situations. KLIM incorporated a vented design into the Mojave jersey with abundant amounts of embedded padding just in case you happen to take a gnarly “get-off” along your ride. Couple the additional padding with a breathable, mesh-style outer layer, and this jersey screams “put me on” when the weather gets hot. We would have liked to have a little more protection from the elements in our wet riding conditions, but KLIM makes all sorts of jackets and accessories in order to keep the elements out better.

The Mojave gloves include gripping ribs on the inside fingers that literally affix your fingers to the steering wheel. Spiderman grip, possibly? Maybe not that good, but the gloves work well in all conditions. The Velcro attachment system is standard glove-fare, but it stays attached, worry-free, all day long.

Last, but certainly not least, the Mojave pants are some of the best pants we have worn. Again, if you are looking for a pant that keeps all of the elements out, KLIM has other selections in their gear lineup (more on this below…). If you’re looking for an all-around pant, the Mojave is ideal. It has abundant amounts of adjustability built into the waist and lower ankle sections. The adjustable ankle area allows the user to put on boots of all different shapes and sizes, whether they use full or half boots. Two main, deep pockets hold whatever gear you need to take with you. Vented areas in the side allow a good stream of air onto legs while riding, and we appreciated this in the warmer temperatures where we’d normally swap our over-the-boot pants in favor of riding shorts. Unfortunately, the Mojave pants do not include a zip-off option to make them into shorts. But, with the good amount of venting included in this pant, you won’t even think about it.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the KLIM gear and can’t wait to take it back out on the trail again. If you would like more information on the F4 helmet or Mojave gear, head on over to the KLIM website or purchase Klim riding gear at Motorcycle-Superstore.com.

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