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Our Kawasaki Teryx 750 4×4 Sport continues to rack up hours as a multipurpose UTV. The last upgrade we made was the addition of a roof to cover the cab. It does a great job of keeping the driver and passenger protected from sun and rain, but it’s most effective in wet weather when the vehicle isn’t moving. Driving through the rain brings water in the front of the cab and still soaks the occupants, so we went back to the Genuine Kawasaki Accessory catalog to see about increasing the level of protection.

The Kawasaki Accessories Full Windshield retails for $399.95. It’s a one-piece unit without any hinges and is fixed to the dash and both upright ROPS cage rails. The plastic shield utilizes a hard-coated, scratch-resistant surface. One of the reasons we elected to use this particular windshield is because we knew it would fit underneath our Kawasaki roof. Ours is the aluminum version, but the shield fits with all of the tops offered by Kawi’s accessory department.

Getting the windshield installed was a complete hassle. Piecing together the hardware is simple enough, though it would be nice if the bar clamps came pre-assembled. The windshield drops right into place and I tacked it up with the two provided screws that replace the stock screws in the dash. Next it was time to affix it to the cage uprights which is a two-person job.

The problem is that the bolts seem too short. I threw every four-letter word in the book at the designers, but once I got the first one tightened, it became apparent they are the proper length. Any longer and they’d be obtrusive. The tool list calls for an open end box wrench, 3mm/4mm hex keys and Phillips screwdriver, but it took a few sets of pliers and some risky prying with the screwdriver to get all six of the bolts inserted into the clamps. All told it was a full hour of work. My best advice is to wear some gloves, get a buddy and have some patience. The good news is that once it’s bolted in place, that sucker isn’t going anywhere. It’s extremely well secured.

Adding a windshield was necessary for full-time rain use and the Kawasaki Genuine Accessories unit matched our existing roof.

Adding a windshield was necessary for full-time rain use and the Kawasaki Genuine Accessories unit matched our existing roof.

Once the windshield was installed our Teryx was transformed into an awesome winter ride. It’s clear, has little distortion and ratchets up the comfort level. The addition of our Teryx Fender Flares helps keep chunks of mud and dirty water from reaching the windshield. Kawasaki does offer a windshield wiper ($224.95), but we do not have it installed. We spray off abrasives like mud instead of wiping and the anti-scratch finish is holding up fine. Not only does the windshield block oncoming rain, but we also don’t have to duck as much when branches or brush reach across our path.

As the Teryx moves forward it creates a negative void in the cab which brings air over and down from the top. The result is that we notice a little breeze on the back of our necks. This is a lot easier to deal with than a constant rainy blast to the face. The 750 was getting neglected as the weather turned sour. Adding the roof was great but we still left it sitting in the garage more often than we wanted. Now there’s no reason not to head out even in the nastiest conditions. The price is easily justified by the extra use we now get from the Kawasaki, both for recreation and daily chores.

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