Honda ATV Reviews

2014 Honda FourTrax Foreman 4X4 ES First Ride

2014 Honda FourTrax Foreman 4X4 ES First Ride 0

It’s been 30 years since Honda introduced its very first ATV meant to make life on the farm and jobsite easier. Three years later the Foreman 4×4 was introduced. Now 27 years later, Honda has introduced the sixth generation of this four-wheeled workhorse.  The latest iteration builds on the strengths of the previous model that…

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2013 Kids ATV Shootout

2013 Kids ATV Shootout 0

In 2011 Motorcycle USA bestowed its Motorcycle of the Year honors on the Kawazuki CRF65 SX, taking poetic license to highlight the fact that every powersports enthusiast starts somewhere, and that for many of us, the start dates back to the days of our youth. Some of my fondest personal memories are when I’d be…

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2011 Entry Level Sport ATV Comparison

2011 Entry Level Sport ATV Comparison 0

Right or wrong, many people feel ATVs are easier to learn riding basics thanks to the stability of four wheels. A solid platform allows entry-level riders to practice shifting a manual transmission, braking and body control without having to worry about balance. Getting new or young riders to start riding an ATV or motorcycle and enjoying…

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2010 Honda Rancher AT ATV Review

2010 Honda Rancher AT ATV Review 0

Honda is a company respected worldwide for its innovation. Technological advances that push the boundaries of sport motorcycles and ATVs. But what about the utility machines; farm quads that spend a lifetime of servitude slogging through muddy fields and manure rather than glorious race-winning heroism? Do these beasts of burden have features that set them apart…

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2009 Honda Rincon ATV Review

2009 Honda Rincon ATV Review 0

The Honda Rincon is Big Red’s largest displacement utility ATV and, as the flagship, hosts the same traits found throughout the company’s utility line. Key features include non-traditional engine placement, fuel injection, independent rear suspension and automotive-style transmission. All of Honda’s work-biased ATVs mount the engine longitudinally, or front-to-back, similar to a truck. The idea…

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2009 Honda Rancher AT First Ride

2009 Honda Rancher AT First Ride 0

As the flagship of the seven-model strong Rancher product range, the Rancher AT has a tough row to hoe considering the number of competitors in the utility ATV marketplace. That is exactly the reason Honda refuses to be complacent with the design and incorporates more value-added components intended to make the workday less strenuous and…

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