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The KYMCO off-road line of side-by-sides and ATVs expands for 2015 and will include a total of 32 different models. The side-by-side arm of the company’s off-road division will include a host of new options, including four versions of a brand new UXV 450i and an upgraded UXV 500i G which comes with a 5kW generator.

Among the new side-by-side and ATV models are a number of 50th Anniversary editions as well, celebrating the company’s half-century run in the motorsports industry. Kids ATVs get some sprucing-up too, with the introduction of the Mongoose 70S ($2199) and 90S ($2499) models, which feature the “bold new graphics” treatment for 2015.

The 2015 KYMCO 450i LE 50th features a Metallic Gold colorway.

The 2015 KYMCO 450i LE 50th features a Metallic Gold colorway.


UXV 450i

There will be a standard UXV 450i, UXV 450i TURF, UXV 450i CAMO and UXV 450i LE 50th Anniversary Edition offered in 2015. All four are powered by a 443cc liquid cooled engine, which was seen the previous year on the ATV side only. The new UXV 450i side-by-sides are shaft drive and feature push-button 2WD/4WD. The automatic CVT comes with high, low, neutral, reverse and park and features a differential lock for tough off-road duty. The front and rear dual A-arm suspension configurations travel through 7.5 inches. There’s 10-inches of ground clearance and an 8.5-gallon fuel tank.

The standard 450i is available in Red and Blue colorways while the CAMO edition is wrapped in True Timber New Conceal Camo. The TURF model features KYMCO’s Tight Turn Turf Control comprised of a front and rear differential locks, Turf tires and a shaft-mounted parking brake. The LE 50th model comes with upgraded aluminum allow wheels, a 3000-pound winch and is available in Metallic Gold paint with a 50th Anniversary KYMCO emblem.


UXV 450i – $7999

UXV 450i TURF – $8499

UXV 450i CAMO – $8499

UXV 450i LE 50th – $8699

The 2015 KYMCO UXV 500i G helps get work done.

The 2015 KYMCO UXV 500i G helps get work done.

UXV 500i & UXV 700i

There will be a UXV 500i LE 50th Anniversary Edition and UXV 500i CAMO, featuring the same upgrades as the corresponding UXV 450i models. The new UXV 500i G is the stand-out addition to the line-up for 2015 however, thanks to the inclusion of a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled 5kW generator. The system has a five-point integrated safety system and KYMCO GFCI safety circuit breaker that makes power accessible for numerous accessories while working in the field. KYMCO boasts that the unit comes with “full digital monitoring and…automatic electrical load compensation (to produce) consistent, spike-free power.” The 500i G also comes with KYMCO’s TURF system.

At the top of the heap are two new UXV 700i models, the UXV 700i LE 50th and UXV 700i CAMO. The 700i LE rolls on black aluminum allow wheels and features the same 3000-pound winch and Metallic Gold paint as the other 50th Anniversary Editions.


UXV 500i G – $12,999

UXV 500i LE 50th – $10,199

UXV 500i CAMO – $9999

UXV 700i LE 50th – $10,699

UXV 700i CAMO – $10,499

The 2015 KYMCO MXU 700i EPS LE CAMO is powered by a 695cc liquid-cooled engine.

The 2015 KYMCO MXU 700i EPS LE CAMO is powered by a 695cc liquid-cooled engine.


MXU 700i & MXU 500i

KYMCO includes EPS on its LE and CAMO versions of the 2015 MXU 700i and 500i ATVs. Both displacement lines come with CVT transmission, on demand 2WD/4WD selection options, 100-pound front rack carrying capacity and 187-rear rack capacity as well as a two-inch receiver out back with 1050-pounds of towing capability.

The 50th Anniversary editions for both the 700i and 500i are equipped with black aluminum alloy wheels, 3000-pound winch and Anniversary emblems.

MXU 450i

Similar to the above mentioned ATVs, the 450i line sees an LE 50th and CAMO version introduced in 2015. The 450i line offers slightly less in carrying capacity, with 75-pounds rated for the front and 150-pounds out back. Towing capability is the same as its bigger siblings, however, as is the independent dual A-arm suspension at the front and rear. The 450i LE 50th gets chrome aluminum alloy wheels, though all the other LE 50th goodies remain the same as those included on the 500i and 700i. Neither the 450i LE 50th nor CAMO versions comes with EPS.


MXU 700i EPS LE 50th – $9799

MXU 700i EPS CAMO – $9399

MXU 700i CAMO – $8799

MXU 500i EPS LE 50th – $8699

MXU 500i EPS CAMO – $8299

MXU 500i CAMO – $7699

MXU 450i LE 50th – $6999

MXU 450i CAMO – $6399

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