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The line of 2015 Honda ATVs  come with notable changes to the FourTrax Foreman Rubicon and FourTrax Rancher series. The standard FourTrax Foreman mounts return as well with a slight change – a new single-lever system which activates Reverse gear and the parking brake. Young riders can look forward to the return of the TRX90X, which retains the same features as the previous year’s model.

The top of the 2015 Rubicon heap, the FourTrax Foreman Rubicaon DCT IRS EPS Deluxe.

The top of the 2015 Rubicon heap, the FourTrax Foreman Rubicon DCT IRS EPS Deluxe.


FourTrax Foreman Rubicon Series

The FourTrax Foreman Rubicon Series of ATVs received a bulk of attention for 2015, coming with chassis and suspension updates to improve performance over a wide variety of terrain. The double-cradle steel frame is enhanced for optimal stiffness and torsional rigidity and a new independent double-wishbone front suspension system offers 7.3 inches of travel. At the back, the Rubicon’s new independent dual-arm rear suspension provides 8.5 inches of travel.

The Rubicon’s braking system is updated with larger, dual 190mm discs at the front and a 170mm disc out back. Each Rubicon comes with the new single Reverse gear/parking brake lever as well.

Carrying capacity is increased thanks to larger steel racks on the front and back, maxing out at 99 pounds and 187 pounds, respectively.

Other upgrades include a new seat with thicker, softer foam and improved grip and a more open rider triangle for optimal comfort. There’s a Maintenance Minder system which displays on the new digital meter display when the Rubicon is ready for service. New-generation Maxxis tires are fitted as well, which come with an updated carcass and more aggressive tread pattern for improved traction.

There are three versions of the Rubicon available, the standard 4×4, a 4×4 with EPS and an EPS Deluxe version. On the models equipped with EPS, Honda has included a new three-point mounting set-up for the system which is claimed to offer more precise steering.

2015 Honda FourTrax Foreman Rancher DCT IRS in red.

2015 Honda FourTrax Foreman Rancher DCT IRS in red.

FourTrax Rancher Series

The FourTrax Rancher Automatic DCT receives a bulk of updates for 2015, including a new frame and independent dual-arm rear suspension (IRS) which adds 2.2 inches of travel over the previous year’s model. An extra inch of travel is added to the front suspension thanks to a new independent double-wishbone set-up.

Many of the other changes are similar to those made to the Rubicon as well, including an revized  rider triangle, digital meter display with Maintenance Minder and the dual-purpose Reverse/parking brake lever. Brake disc sizes are identical those used on the Rubicons and the Rancher Automatic DCT IRS with EPS also features the updated three-point mounting system.

Additional enhancements particular to the Rancher Automatic DCT models consist of updated mapping for the Programmed Fuel Injection system, which has been fine-tuned to improve fuel delivery and throttle response. Big Red includes a new fuel pump too, which mounts inside the larger, 3.9 gallon fuel tank (with 1.3 gallon reserve). To help make accessing the internals easier, there’s a new single-piece tank/side cover that can be removed without the aid of tools. Honda upgraded the stock battery to a Yuasa GYZ16H as well.

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