2014 WORCS Taft SXS Racing Results 0

RJ Anderson claimed the first win of the Pro Production SXS class in the nine-round WORCS series this Saturday at Taft, California’ s Honolulu Hills Raceway. Nearly forty UTV’s lined up for the start of the pro class, proving the SXS racing classes are the fastest growing in the WORCS series.

With such a large field, the pro class was separated into three lines and were sent off the line at one minute intervals after which the amateur classes were sent off one by one. Start order was by luck of the draw and saw Best in the Desert racer Mitch Guthrie Jr. on the front row along with Wagon Burner’s Racings Tyler Winbury and 4WheelDirt Editor, Justin Dawes. The second row was stacked with the series favorites such as defending champion Beau Baron, RJ Anderson and Ryan Piplic.

On the start Guthrie snagged the holeshot ahead of the pack and enjoyed clean air and a clear track. Anderson, Piplic and Baron worked their way through the field quickly catching the front-runners of the first wave in the space of a lap. The rough course was tight and passing was difficult, favoring the aggressive driving of the top pros.

As attrition became a factor, a large percentage of the field fell by the wayside with mechincal issues and crashes. Anderson however ran a flawless race finishing 18 seconds ahead of Guthrie on corrected time. Piplic finished just six-tenths of a second back from Guthrie for third. Dawes’ teammate and IMG Motorsports racer Michael Camp drove a measured and trouble free race to fourth. Keenan Rogerson rounded out the top five in his Polaris RZR.

Jeff Obering, Cody Bradbury, Stacey Pike, Clint Roberts and Niko Skiparnias completed the top ten in that order. Baron competed three out four laps before mechanical issues put him out, earning a 13th place finish. Dawes also DNF’ed with a broken fuel line, placing just outside the Top 20.

WORCS SXS Racing moves to the border oasis of Primm, Nevada for Round 2 on February 8.


SXS Pro Production Results:

1. RJ Anderson Polaris
2. Mitch Guthrie Jr. Polaris
3. Ryan Piplic Polaris
4. Michael Camp Polaris
5. Keenan Rogerson Polaris
6. Jeff Obering Polaris
7. Cody Bradbury Polaris
8. Stacey Pike Arctic Cat
9. Clint Roberts Polaris
10. Niko Skiparnias Polaris

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