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Polaris is consistently adding new models to its line of impressive offerings. For the model year 2014 we find yet another edition to the Ranger line with the 2014 Polaris 570 Ranger. This new model will obviously include many great features found on other Rangers and the new 570 ProStar mill will give the user more power than the outgoing 500cc powerplant in the same midsized chassis.

The 2014 Polaris Ranger 570 features a midsize chassis.

The 2014 Polaris Ranger 570 features a midsize chassis.


This new ProStar platform has simply taken the world of off-road power to new levels and using the design for a smaller bore working machine was inevitable. Pumping out an impressive 40hp this mighty package is ready to run! This engine is also placed behind the seating area to again reclaim the conversation in the cab. The engine is easily accessible when you simply raise the gas assisted dump bed. Servicing this machine is easy and welcomed because Polaris took the time to keep both you and your local mechanic in mind.

The Ranger midsize chassis gives the driver ten inches of ground clearance for getting over and through any terrain in the way of its intended use. Suspension travel out front is eight inches through a MacPherson strut design and nine inches out back. The gas charged coilover shocks on the rear are preload adjustable to tune your ride for the job.

Hauling big loads is something Polaris seemed to prepare each of its Ranger machines for big or small. This Polaris Ranger 570 will haul an impressive 500 pounds in the cargo box, a 1000-pound overall payload or tow 1250 pounds via the two-inch receiver hitch in the rear.

Polaris has designed their CVT and On Demand All wheel drive system just for the 567cc engine. With ample torque output this Ranger is not easily bogged down as the AWD throws power to the front wheels once the rears begin to slip. The AWD is transparent once the switch has been thrown and as the machine begins to regain forward movement the power is then lessened out on the front wheels. Getting onto sensitive areas means most machines will cultivate the earth rather quickly but Polaris placed a selection on the dash for Turf mode. This allows only one pulling wheel to motivate the machine to keep from plowing the fresh grass out of your yard or workspace.

The 2014 Polaris Ranger 570 is very maneuverable thanks to its small size.

The 2014 Polaris Ranger 570 is very maneuverable thanks to its small size.

An interesting item that will now be available in the Mid-sized Ranger 570 is electric power steering. This is an option however only for the Limited Edition models and not currently offered on base models. The EPS makes turning the machine much easier, especially in 4WD or when hauling a big load. Including this on all models would likely raise the final price a bit, but frankly, I really do not like riding without it. Polaris has also increased the stator output of this machine to provide the voltage needed to run not only the available power steering but any small 12-volt accessory you might need to bring along.

Speaking of the ride, we gave our Ranger 570 LE test unit a thorough drive into the tight wood lines of the Rock Run facility. The very thing that stood out most was the sheer maneuverability of this midsize machine in part due to the EPS as well as the thin overall size. With an overall width of only 58 inches and a wheelbase extending only 73 inches, this machine gets in the tight spaces very well.

Polaris mentioned that the Ranger 570 will also fit into the bed of most full sized pickups. This is very encouraging when trailer real estate in industries that use them is at a premium these days. While driving our Ranger 570 it feels tough and built well. The bench style seating is comfortable and the three point seat belts held us snug without encroaching on the shoulder line too much.

With a price of $9,499 in base skin this machine is very affordable to many consumers and this is something else Polaris has been keeping in mind when it comes to hard working consumers. Polaris offers the Polaris Pursuit Camo version of this Ranger coming in at $9,999 as well as the Limited Edition model we had mentioned earlier for $11,199.  All together this new Polaris Ranger 570 is a very attractive ride for anyone’s budget.

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